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Legally Blonde Australian tour 2012 - 2013

From: 4 Oct 2012 To: 14 Jul 2013


Actor Role
Adéle Parkinson
Michelle Barr
Ryan Gonzalez
Darren Tyler
Lucy DurackElle Woods
David HarrisEmmett Forrest
Rob MillsWarner Huntington III
Helen DallimorePaulette
Erika HeynatzBrooke Wyndham
Cameron DaddoProfessor Callahan
Ali CalderVivienne Kensington
Ashlea PykeSerena
Renee BurleighMargot
Chloé ZuelPilar
Mike SnellGrandmaster Chad/Dewey/Kyle
Shaye HopkinsGabby/Stenographer
Euan DoidgePadamadan/Nikos
Ed GreyKiki
Elenoa RokobaroJudge/Sales Manager
Zoe GertzEnid
Stephen WheatDad/Winthrop
Glenn HillAaron
Nicole MelloyCourtney/Mom/Whitney
Steve DanielsenPforzheimer
Ash BeeKate/Chutney
Andrew Ronay-JenkingsCarlos
Teagan WoutersCece/District Attorney
Matt HamiltonLowell


Name Position
Jerry MitchellDirector / Choreographer
Kellie DickersonMusical Director
Gregg BarnesCostume Design
Kenneth PowerLighting Design
Paul MillerLighting Design
Dominic ShawAssociate Director and Choreographer
Richard JarisAssociate Set Designer
Richard JohnMusical Supervisor
Hugh HamiltonLighting Associate (Australia)
Julian SpinkAssociate Sound Designer (Australia - for System Sound)
Jane McMurtrieAssociate Choreographer
Andrew PoleResident Director
Billy RoacheWardrobe Director

Legally Blonde

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